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Heidegger Circle Meeting 2018

Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland
May 4-6, 2018

The Heidegger Circle invites you to submit papers to its 52nd annual meeting, hosted by Goucher College, May 4 to May 6, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland.

2018 Conference Theme: Community

We invite papers on any aspect of Heidegger’s thought, with the suggestion that the theme of “community” be a significant starting point for reflection with Heidegger’s works in mind. ​

This year we are experimenting with several formats for participation in the conference. These non-traditional presentations should offer greater opportunity for more extended dialogue.

Traditional Submissions: Traditional papers to be read aloud, with a commentator, and published in the Proceedings. These submissions should be no more than 4000 words (excluding notes) and should be prepared for blind review in .docx or .pdf formats. Please include a 250-word abstract.

Panel proposals: Three or four presenters making a brief presentation (up to ten minutes each) giving their thoughts on the panel topic, with a significant amount of the remaining time given over to discussion with each other and with the conference attendees. Panel proposals are strongly encouraged. Should include a 500 word abstract for each participant and a 250-word panel abstract.

Oral Presentations: Presenter gives a fifteen-minute oral presentation, leaving substantial time for questions and discussion with the conference attendees. These non-traditional presentations may be one individual or two related presentations. Oral presentations, offering a fuller opportunity for discussion, are strongly encouraged. Please include a 250-word abstract, draft of remarks, outline, or brief paper of 2500 words to be included in the Proceedings but not read in the traditional format. These should be prepared for blind review in .docx or .pdf formats.

Poster Presentations and Papers on the Book Exhibit Table: There will be space available for small “posters” and copies of papers, work in progress, etc. for faculty, scholars, and graduate students to place with the book exhibit table. These will not be scheduled in the regular program, but will be available for viewing during breaks throughout the conference. These will be reviewed but need not be “blinded” for submission.

Send submissions to heidegger@goucher.edu. Deadline for Submissions: February 1st, 2018.

All questions regarding these options should be directed to John Rose, S/T and 2018 Convener at Heidegger@goucher.edu.

If you are interested in moderating a panel or commenting on a paper at the conference, please send a note indicating as much to John Rose via heidegger@goucher.edu.

To be added to the Heidegger Circle “interested parties” list, contact John Rose at heidegger@goucher.edu. For membership in the Heidegger Circle please find our PayPal portal here.

 Accommodations are available at a daily rate of $139 a night, plus taxes, at Sheraton Baltimore North. Reservations may be made under the name Heidegger Circle. Call 1-888-627-7147 or follow this link for online reservations.  The deadline for reservations is 5:00 PM EST April 2, 2018.